Understanding Nutrition and Their Effects on Human Overall health

Every living person requires good vitamins and minerals in other to live a healthy and longer life. Indeed, healthy nourishment is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle. How healthy you are is determined by the quality of dietary articles of the food supplied into the system cells via your daily diets At their website here.

Diet is what you eat, nutrition are what your cells actually receive through the diet. You are only as healthy as your cells. If your cells are healthy – you are healthy. If your cells are tired – you are tired. If your cells are sick – you are sick. You need good nutritional diets to be healthy and to guarantee lengthy life.

The cell is the foundation of life and needs to be adequately maintained. Unfortunately, a number of our foods are, in recent times, are stripped of very essential vitamins and minerals (lipids and sterols) which play an important role in the surrounding membrane of cells, which make the intake of nutrition and elimination of wastes by means of the membrane easy.

What is Nutrient: Nutrient is described by several journal as “substance needed by a living thing for the maintenance of life, overall health and reproduction”. That means that our health and fitness must, of necessity, be maintained with nutrition to ensure good health and fitness and longevity.

Important Facts: Our nutritional life dictates that we need to balance our diets within the (six chains of life) namely, Protein, Carbohydrate, Natural vitamins, Minerals, Enzymes, Lipids and Sterols. These six links are of vital importance and with anyone missing, life is impossible. We also need to try to eat foods such as Vegatables and fruits, Protein, entire grains, fats and sugar (carbohydrates) in recommended conditions and quantities to satisfy our dietary requirements that guarantees good health and longer life.

It is unfortunate to note that our whole grain – rice, wheat and soya – no longer contain the vitamins and minerals we expect from them. You’ll observe that what we eat these days are polished grains (par-boiled) of which essential fatty oils had been removed chiefly because the food processors want their food products to have a longer shelf-life. Many years gone by, we ate rice in its pure form, which had the essential fats intact. Same goes with wheat and soya which, when processed, become attractive into the eyes but are devoid of essential vitamins.

It is because of those serious nutrient inadequacies in our diets that nutritionists and health-care practitioners advise that we supplement our diets with vitamins.

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