Rupalaj K'istalin

Ecotourism Guides Association

Who we are?

Rupalaj K'istalin is an association currently made up of 17 active members who provide guiding services to protect and revalue the natural and cultural heritage of the municipality of San Juan la Laguna.

In addition, there is a commitment to the environment as it develops different projects for the rescue of local flora and fauna and the protection of the water flow that supplies the town.


Consolidate ourselves as the best provider of eco-tourism services in the municipality of San Juan La Laguna, offering an unforgettable experience to domestic and foreign tourists, becoming an exemplary model in educational, economic, social, environmental and cultural development for all the people of the Lake Atitlan basin.


We are a team of men and women, tourist guides, both respectful of the Maya Tz'utujil culture and the environment that surrounds us. We work with the objective of improving the quality of life of the inhabitants of San Juan la Laguna and to inherit a better future for the next generations. 

Institutional Values and Objectives

To provide social benefit to the community through the protection of natural resources and cultural traditions.

Preserve traditional popular culture to preserve our nationality and to be able to transmit it to new generations. to transmit it to new generations.

Promote the reforestation of the municipality

Value the economy and enhance the community's environmental services.

Promoting social development

Create jobs that value environmental protection.

To permanently manage spaces to publicize the activities of the association and its associates.